International Worker Program

If you are interested in working for Christian Camps and Centers in the United Kingdom please review the information below, complete the attached application form and send it to


Thank you for your interest in working at a Christian conference or outdoor centre in the UK.
This document will give you a brief outline of the type of centre where you might be working, the kind of work you might be asked to undertake, and the qualities that the centres are looking for when recruiting staff. However, the terms and conditions and work opportunities will be different at each centre, and this document is intended only for general guidance.


Please complete the application form. This must be completed in English, and the referees must also be able to give a reference in English. This application will then be sent to CCI/UK who will contact those centres that are looking for staff. Once that initial contact has been established, the centre will contact you directly to finalise details of your contract, length of service, travel arrangements, time of arrival etc. Please note that it is important that you remain at the centre for the full period of your contract, as the centre will be relying on your help in fulfilling their staff requirements. It is important that you have a reasonable level of English, although this will vary between centres, and most centres will want to undertake a telephone interview before offering a job.

Location and types of centre

We are currently working with a variety of centres located in different parts of the country and offering different levels of service. These are:-
Conference centres in Scotland, Central England and the Isle of Wight (off the south coast of England). These centres are similar to a hotel, and staff will be mainly involved in helping in the kitchen, dining room and bedrooms, although some work in the gardens and on buildings maintenance may also be required. Some contact with the guests is likely.
Activity centres in Scotland and Central England. These centres are generally working with children and youth groups where qualified centre staff will provide outdoor activities such as climbing, water sports, archery etc. The other staff will be mainly involved in helping in the kitchen, dining room and bedrooms, although some work in the gardens and on buildings maintenance may also be required. Some contact with the guests is likely.
Most of the centres will employ a number of overseas staff from different countries. Many of the centres can be in rural locations some distance from local shops and services, although it is generally possible to arrange a lift on your days off.

Christian commitment

All of the centres are Christian organisations although the guests will not necessarily be Christian groups. Most will insist on staff members being committed Christians and you may be expected to participate in Bible study groups. Details will be provided by the centre.

Terms and conditions of employment

This will vary between centres. However, the following general terms will apply:

  • Length of employment: minimum 6 months (some minimum 9 months). Maximum 12 months.
  • Starting dates: varies, usually between March and May.
  • Hours worked: varies between 35 and 40; average is 37.5 hours per week. However, the working hours will vary according to the needs of the groups, and staff will be expected to work in the evenings and at weekends and to be flexible in their working hours.
  • Pay: Food and accommodation is provided. In addition, pocket money is paid of about £35 per week, although some centres will pay up to £50 per week.
  • Accommodation: will be provided, usually in a shared room onsite at the centre.
  • Travel: all staff are expected to make their own travel arrangements to the centre, at their own cost.
  • Details of how to get to the centre will be supplied by the centre nearer the time.
  • Language training: some centres offer language training courses. Details should be confirmed with the individual centre.
  • Age limit: in most centres, staff members will be over 18 years of age.

If you are interested, please complete the form below and email it to

UK Worker Program Application